Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sweetest Memory 2011~ : Part 2

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011
Malaysia XI vs Liverpool FC

16th July 2011. There was an event that I would never ever forget for the rest of my life - Liverpool players stepped on Malaysian soil for the first time. 

My journey to Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil started when my father, my mother and my eldest sister picked me up at 11..15 am from this institution. We departed from Malacca at about 1pm and arrived at my brother's house at 3pm. Oh I forgot to tell you that my father bought the RM58 ticket because RM68 tickets were sold out. :(

At 4,30 pm, my brother sent my father and I to Sungai Besi LRT station. He could not drop us straightly at the stadium because he expected that there would be a traffic jam on the way there. My father and I boarded on a train to Bukit Jalil. The train was filled with people wearing RED shirts, including me and my father. The common thing that we had with each other made me personally felt that the whole train were my family members. ^_^

When we arrived at Bukit Jalil at about 5pm, I was so thrilled to see a sea of REDS there. With the air filled by excitement and sounds of blaring horns, and thousands of RED-shirted people, it was really a great scenery to be enjoyed that afternoon. Even though it was warm and the noise seemed unbearable, to my own shock, that was nothing to me. i could endure the situation which in the past, I would not go through it. I could not control myself from smiling to everyone there. It really could not be helped. I hoped none of them would think of me as a crazy little lady. :P

Before entering the stadium, my father and I had a look on the stalls selling jerseys, banners, stickers, et cetera. My father bought me a Liverpool jersey~ ^_^ There were other things that I wanted to buy but realising that I had caused my father too much trouble along the way to be there on that day, I kept the intention to myself. I did not want to cause my father any more trouble. 

Suddenly, from afar, at about 5.20 pm, I heard people in the stadium roared. We quickly searched for the Violet Entrance and entered the stadium. When I read newspaper dated 17th July 2011, they said that at 5 pm, the players were already warming up on the field. I was quite disappointed but never mind, I could still watch them playing football! Didn't I? ^_^ We quickly searched for seats and when I looked around the stadium, i was very excited to see, again, the sea of wonderful REDS. It was estimated that almost 80 000 people came over to watch the match! 

In the first-half, Liverpool new signing Charlie Adam opened the scoring for The Reds in a twice taken penalty. Shafiq Rahim then fired in the equaliser through a free kick. 
In the second-half, Harimau Malaya almost gave me heart attacks. The match got tougher and I started to be afraid that Liverpool would be defeated. David Ngog scored two goals in the 67th and 68th. Maxi Rodriguez then scored one goal, making the score 4-1. Saffe Sali from national team scored two goals each in the 79th and 81st minutes, heightening the spirit of Harimau Malaya to win the game, but poor defence skills led the national team into despair as Liverpool had the triumph of winning the match 6-3 when Rodriguez and Dirk Kuyt scored in two more goals. The match ended at 7.40 pm. 

Liverpool players paid the fans a lap of honour which is rare for us to see it!!! I was so delighted seeing them walking around the fields, waving and clapping their hands towards us. One of them, even kicked a ball towards a group of fans. Ah, I really love them! After the lap of honour, all the fans singing the Liverpool anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone". ^_^

My father and I got stuck at Bukit Jalil until 9 pm. After the match ended, the LRT station was closed temporarily. Why, I don't know. When the officers let us in, some of the crowds chanted, "Liverpool, Liverpool" and when the train came and departed, they clapped their hands and cheered. It was so cute of them, wasn't it? ^_^ To end the almost-perfect day, my family and I had dinner at a restaurant named Tasik Idaman. 

Liverpool big names such as Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez and manager King Kenny were not there but still, the match was a worth of every money and time spent. Nine goals~ wohoo~ ^_^ Seeing Liverpool players on the field with my very own eyes, I could not ask for any other thing. My birthday is in a four-month time, but I already considered this as my most precious birthday present for this year. Thanks to my family, especially to my father because accompanied me watching this delightful match. 

Here are some pics of the day:
Tickets! :)

Time ni kan, saje je warming up dekat2 dgn fans.. siap waving2 hands lagi.. :) Fans yg kt seat bwh syok la..  dpt tgk Kuyt.. :')

lap of honour~ oh I really wish I had a DSLR camera that time!

3-6.. Liverpool won! :)

'tin sardin' with liverpool fans in it.. nak? :)

Wisel! magazine :)