Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Brother is a Married Guy (Part 1) : Akad Nikah Day [Re-post Entry]

Assalamualaikum to all my great readers.. May ALLAH bless all Muslims..
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The akad nikah was held at a musolla in Jitra, Kedah on the 3rd  of June 2011 after the 'Asr prayer. There were three couples, including my brother and his fiancée, sister of my brother's fiancée and her partner and another couple whom I did not who they were. We were the last group to arrive there, but my brother was the first person to shake hands with the القاضي.

It happened very fast. My brother said the vows clearly and fluently. After that, my brother performed 'Asr prayer. Then, he hugged my mother, my sis and let my sister-in-law kissed his hand. We then went to the bride's house. My brother did not like to wear a ring so only his wife wears it. I know it's kinda weird but every person has different opinion about things, so just let him be. We enjoyed a small feast there. 

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