Sunday, 25 December 2011

My Brother is a Married Guy (Part 2) : وليمة العرس / wedding feast [re-post entry]

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[4 June 2011]
My family members including my newly wed bro departed from our house to the bride's house in Jitra after performing Zohor prayer. We arrived there at about 2.30 pm. Together with my sisters and cousins, we brought along the gifts for the bride.

After putting all those things inside the house, we were seated on VIP seat. Or Family Seat. Or whatever name you call that place.  That was my first time sitting on place like that during وليمة العرس. At first, it was an excitement to sit on a special place compared to other guests, and it was one of my dreams actually. But after having the honour as a family member, I found out that being a special guest was not special enough. The special menu that we had, differed from other guests were fired fish with sauce and 'bandung' drink. I don't know what type of fish was that and having 'bandung' drink with oily meals; they were not matched to be together. While eating, I missed the times sitting on ordinary seats like before. My parents ate with the brides and grooms. 

We had our photos being captured by cameramen and women, not knowing how many times, while eating, after eating and when we were posing with the newly weds on the bridal set. i hate people capturing my photos. I know they would not do it right, even they are pro enough to take wedding photos. I just feel, cameras only feel right if they are in my hands.. *wink2 teethy smile* :)

I pray for them to have a blissful and blessed life as husband and wife and maybe months after,  father and mother. I wish them for the best. I took advice from an ustazah to give books as wedding gifts so I gave one to them.

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