Saturday, 1 September 2012

SBE Phase 2: 27-31 August 2012! :)

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims..
Hi, thank you for stopping by! :)

School-Based Experience.. Hmm What is this? 
It is the time when teacher trainees go to schools, observe the schools the teachers, the pupils and not to forget - completing the task given.. 
Er, that's not really the best part of SBE you know.. huhu 
Never mind, just ignore me please.. hehe 

Why SBE Phase 2?
It is because during Semester 1, there was SBE Phase 1, only I did not write about it in this blog..
Last time I did it in Kedah, while this time in Penang. 
The school this time? 
I think there is no need to mention it here.. Afraid that I may write bad about the school..

There is not much to tell because for this SBE, mostly the time was spent in the staff room, with the teachers.. You know how adults are right~~ haha (Think like me myself will never grow up!)
Very little time spent with the pupils, it was my own fault too because I dared not to go and look around the school.. Huhu How to be a teacher like this? Afraid of school surrounding! (or the pupils) Heh! No explanation~ heheh

Plus, there is a native speaker in the school, but I don't have the courage to speak with him.. Bad me, right.. Only when he left like a dust in the air (this is true okay.. he only sit for a while in the staff room and then rushed out from it), I feel like I have experienced very very very huge loss~~ Waaa~ when he spoke, I suddenly fell in love
with his VOICE! hehe~

I think that's all.. hehe Seriously, there's nothin' much to tell.. I'm so sorry.. 
Till we meet again..
Assalamualaikum ^^