Monday, 23 January 2012

May Allah bless you! :)

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims.
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Okay, now I am on my holiday, for a week due to Chinese New Year. Hee~ I love holidays~ n_n
My father fetched me from IPG on Friday and we stayed a night in Malacca. On Saturday, we went to Gopeng, Perak (my father's village). It really was a long-time journey as there was a traffic jam on the way to the north region. Never mind, it is an usual thing to encounter when it is a holiday time.. Patience is one part of faith.. :)
When we arrived Bidor, we stopped at a restaurant to have our dinner. Four of us (my father, my mum, my older sis, and me) ordered tom yam, omelette, and mixed fried vegetable. My younger sis ordered fried kuetiau. I think there was a misunderstanding in omelette. We ordered omelette of 2 eggs and at the first time we got it, it was a small one. Then, the waiter came and gave another plate of omelette. This time, it was quite big. So, adding the two plates, I think they must had sent omelette made of three eggs. I am quite particular about things like this so when my father went to pay for our dinner, I followed my father. I asked my father to pay for three eggs, not two. My father told the cashier (I think she is also the owner of the restaurant) about the eggs. 

She looked at the plates and then said, "Takpa, bayar apa yang encik minta. Saya rugi takpa, jangan encik yang rugi." Then my father asked, "Mintak halal la yang mana terlebih ke terkurang.." She said back, "Takpa, saya memang halalkan." 

Can you see what I am trying to deliver? Masya-ALLAH, SubhanALLAH.. I never thought there is still people like her, especially in doing business. Her restaurant is not so big, just an ordinary one, but she did not even count things like that. In fact, she did not even count two glasses of warm sky juice. Usually, in any restaurant now, a glass of sky juice will cost us RM0.20 or RM0.30, right? 

May ALLAH bless you, your family and your business, madam! Ameen. :)

Till we meet again!
Assalamualaikum :)