Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sweetest Memory 2011~ : Part 1

Assalamualaikum.. May ALLAH bless all Muslims..
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This entry is actually re-post entries from my old blog.. Regarding today as the last day of 2011, I want to share with you my sweetest memory in 2011. This entry contains few parts. But don't worry, I will separate it into two entries because I know the suffering that you face when you have to scroll down too long till the end of the page.. Enjoy! :)

Entry 1: Thursday, 9 June 2011
Liverpool FC will invade Malaysia!!!

Assalamualaikum to all my great readers. May ALLAH bless all Muslims.
Hiya everyone! How are you today? Feelin' great? Alhamdulillah! ^_^

I think mostly everyone in Malaysia knows about this thing, right? Liverpool FC will come to Malaysia in July (insya-ALLAH). For your information, I am a Liverpool fan so this news really excites me! OMA! hearing about this news really makes me happy, what's more goin' to Bukit Jalil and see them with my very own eyes! If I go there, the person who I like to see most is Steven Gerrard, because he is my hero in football. Ya ya say whatever you want. For me, he is my great Liverpool captain. :)

I ask my father whether I can go to Bukit Jalil, and he has granted his permission, but I still need to look on other matters, including the ticket price and the transportation to go there because according to Kosmo! newspaper, it is on 16th July 2011 and it is Saturday. I am studying in Malacca and I am also afraid that my institution has programme on that day. Huhu -_-, So sad, huh?

Whether I can go or not, thinking about this thing really gets me have nothing inside my mind except the face of Stevie G~ OMA!!! 

Arsenal and Chelsea will also join Liverpool to come to Malaysia, but on different dates.

Entry 2: Friday, 10 June 2011
It is already confirmed! ^_^

Assalamualaikum to all my great readers. May ALLAH bless all Muslims. 

Nothing much today except I want to share a link for Liverpool fans in Malaysia and China. 

The lowest price of the ticket is RM58 but I think I wanna buy the RM 68. Let's choose think in the middle. :) Hoho this is really exciting!!! ^_^ Tickets can be bought from or you can buy at Ticketpro outlets or Adidas outlets. 

To Liverpool fans in Korea, maybe Liverpool has made a better plan to visit your country in another time being. Please don't give up hope on them. The will not cancel the tour if they do not have problems to do so. Liverpool is a club that appreciate the fans.. ^_^

Entry 3: Thursday, 7 July 2011
It is such a disappointment.. 

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims...

Today, I won't write much. I just want to express my disappointment of not being able to see Steven Gerrard stepping on malaysian soil on 16th July 2011. It is not because i have not bought the ticket, it is not that I am not going to stadium to watch the match; it is because that Gerrard will not join his lads in their Asia Tour. It is really really a huge disappointment for me, a fan who fall in love with Liverpool Football Club because of one person named Steven George Gerrard. I am really looking forward to the day that will create a wonderful story in my life, but sadly, the person who is supposed to create the impact will not be there. My heart is broken into pieces when I read the article saying he ruled out from the Asia tour because he needs enough rest to start well in the next EPL season. I know, he really needs rest but um, I don't know, I still want him to come to Malaysia. I want to see him with my very own eyes, running skilfully on the field, waving his hands towards the fans, with a smile that shines brightly that also shines every heart of Liverpool fans. If HE permits, although Gerrard will not present on the historical day, I will still go to watch the match because it excites me to have them coming to Malaysia~ ^_^

I hope Steven Gerrard will recover soon and fit to start the new season with manager King Kenny. sharing hope with other Liverpool fans, we want to see The Reds to have the 19th title in their hands in the next EPL season.