Saturday, 1 September 2012

SBE Phase 2: 27-31 August 2012! :)

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims..
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School-Based Experience.. Hmm What is this? 
It is the time when teacher trainees go to schools, observe the schools the teachers, the pupils and not to forget - completing the task given.. 
Er, that's not really the best part of SBE you know.. huhu 
Never mind, just ignore me please.. hehe 

Why SBE Phase 2?
It is because during Semester 1, there was SBE Phase 1, only I did not write about it in this blog..
Last time I did it in Kedah, while this time in Penang. 
The school this time? 
I think there is no need to mention it here.. Afraid that I may write bad about the school..

There is not much to tell because for this SBE, mostly the time was spent in the staff room, with the teachers.. You know how adults are right~~ haha (Think like me myself will never grow up!)
Very little time spent with the pupils, it was my own fault too because I dared not to go and look around the school.. Huhu How to be a teacher like this? Afraid of school surrounding! (or the pupils) Heh! No explanation~ heheh

Plus, there is a native speaker in the school, but I don't have the courage to speak with him.. Bad me, right.. Only when he left like a dust in the air (this is true okay.. he only sit for a while in the staff room and then rushed out from it), I feel like I have experienced very very very huge loss~~ Waaa~ when he spoke, I suddenly fell in love
with his VOICE! hehe~

I think that's all.. hehe Seriously, there's nothin' much to tell.. I'm so sorry.. 
Till we meet again..
Assalamualaikum ^^

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What makes a good teacher?

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims~~
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How's your fasting? How grateful we should be as we are able to experience Ramadhan again this year.  Alhamdulillah ya ALLAH... :)

What actually makes a good teacher? Just wondering because when I told my teachers about me getting the offer to enrol as a teacher trainee at IPGK PM, they told me that I will be a good teacher... Is that true or they only want to say sweet things to me? Um, I dunno, only they and ALLAH know, right?

I am just saying this because in this semester 2, I have to do a lot of lesson plans (my friends too). When I compare mine with my other friends', I feel so little. They seem to be prepared to be teachers... That's why I am asking you, what makes a good teacher? Does a good teacher need to have a good lesson plan...? Otherwise if he/she is not, he/she does not considered as a good teacher? Is that so? 

Um, lately, I'm becoming more sensitive. I don't know whether it is because of hormone changes in the body or anything else but I keep feel that I am not belonged to the place where I am right now. When my friends say something to me, I feel hurt. Ah, how I hate what I am right now. Tired. Hate. Sick. I want to scream my heart out! :'( 

Till we meet again

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Early Marriage? Congratulations, Dear Friend :)

Assalamualaikum.. May ALLAH bless all Muslims..
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I attended my friend's wedding ceremony today.. She is from the same age as mine - 20 years old this year.. Yeah, she got married early, in fact the earliest in our batch (PISMP January 2012 intake).. I am so happy for her.. Her husband looks like a good person and they really suit together.. I know they are really belong to each other.. Alhamdulillah ^^

I hope their marriage and life will be blessed by ALLAH, insya-ALLAH :)

As for me, hehe I don't think I will get married before I finish my study.. My parents seem to reject the idea of early marriage.. Do they? Or do they not? Em, I dunno..
After all, just let ALLAH decide everything for me.. The time will come, if HE is willing to 'lend' me my soul mate and life partner.. insya-ALLAH..

Assalamualaikum.. Till we meet again.. insya-ALLAH ^^

f/n: People said, if that man or woman is our partner for life, there is resemblance between our face and him or her.. Could we believe in this..? ^^

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mourning~~ :(

Assalamualaikum.. May ALLAH bless all Muslims..
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I am so sorry for not being active in blogging, readers. I need to pay a lot of attention in writing any article for this blog because I am writing in English, and I need to make sure my English writing is good, so that you can have a quality reading. And it requires me a lot of time and I am really sorry for not making enough time to do blogging.. :(

-I am mourning for my phone-
I am being tested by Allah by losing my Nokia 2300, which I love so much. It does not cost so much nowadays, but years before, during the early emergence of mobile phones, it nearly costed RM400. It may not have high value in price matter, but it means a lot to me, really. It was a present for me from my father for my UPSR and I had good memories with the phone. It was my mistake too, for being so careless till I lost the phone, but seriously, me being careless, does not mean that somebody has to take it. The phone had been with me, for nearly seven and a half years! There is still two and a half years to make it ten.. I feel so depressed till I do not have any mood to do any job, and even to have nice simple conversation with my friends. 

I never knew losing something would cause me to be like this. I wonder what will happen to me if I lost someone I love so very much in this world... Could I accept the fate and move on with my life? Losing mobile phone which means a lot to me already makes me terrible, what's more when losing a person loved dearly by me? Thus, I regard this as a trial for me to face any unexpected news.. I pray to ALLAH to give me strength to face it when the time comes.

It's really hard for me to replace it with a new one - like I am waiting for miracles to happen. Seriously, I'm hoping for it to appear back at the place where I have the last sight on it. :'( 

But still, this line from al-Quran soothes and drags me back to remember about ALLAH:

ﻻ يكلّف الله نفسا إﻻ وسعها
"ALLAH does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity."

ALLAH knows that I can go through this test.. Patient is the best way to recover from this disheartening and sad moment~ :)

Assalamualaikum.. Till we meet again.. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

May Allah bless you! :)

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims.
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Okay, now I am on my holiday, for a week due to Chinese New Year. Hee~ I love holidays~ n_n
My father fetched me from IPG on Friday and we stayed a night in Malacca. On Saturday, we went to Gopeng, Perak (my father's village). It really was a long-time journey as there was a traffic jam on the way to the north region. Never mind, it is an usual thing to encounter when it is a holiday time.. Patience is one part of faith.. :)
When we arrived Bidor, we stopped at a restaurant to have our dinner. Four of us (my father, my mum, my older sis, and me) ordered tom yam, omelette, and mixed fried vegetable. My younger sis ordered fried kuetiau. I think there was a misunderstanding in omelette. We ordered omelette of 2 eggs and at the first time we got it, it was a small one. Then, the waiter came and gave another plate of omelette. This time, it was quite big. So, adding the two plates, I think they must had sent omelette made of three eggs. I am quite particular about things like this so when my father went to pay for our dinner, I followed my father. I asked my father to pay for three eggs, not two. My father told the cashier (I think she is also the owner of the restaurant) about the eggs. 

She looked at the plates and then said, "Takpa, bayar apa yang encik minta. Saya rugi takpa, jangan encik yang rugi." Then my father asked, "Mintak halal la yang mana terlebih ke terkurang.." She said back, "Takpa, saya memang halalkan." 

Can you see what I am trying to deliver? Masya-ALLAH, SubhanALLAH.. I never thought there is still people like her, especially in doing business. Her restaurant is not so big, just an ordinary one, but she did not even count things like that. In fact, she did not even count two glasses of warm sky juice. Usually, in any restaurant now, a glass of sky juice will cost us RM0.20 or RM0.30, right? 

May ALLAH bless you, your family and your business, madam! Ameen. :)

Till we meet again!
Assalamualaikum :)