Friday, 1 May 2015

Hello, I'm back? :D

Assalamualaikum.. May Allah bless all Muslims..
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Happy Labours' Day to all! This weekend is a happy one as once my practical finished off yesterday, I went back to Kedah to spend my weekend with my dear ones. I hope everyone will have a happy weekend too, insya-Allah.. ^_^

As I mentioned earlier, I have finished off  my three-month practical in a school in Ayer Keroh.. Three months seem to be a long time right? Nay, it was very short! Maybe because the school's environment was very supportive and productive, the time flew fast. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school, especially the administrators and my guidance teacher because of their help, support and guidance they had given me. To my supervisory lecturer, too! Thank you!

Well, compared to the last two practicals, of course, I was more at ease and comfortable in teaching pupils (as if!). Alhamdulillah, my pupils were very good, and they behaved properly when I was being observed.. but when there was no observation, only Allah knows what had happened..  -_-" but I was very thankful, really as I did not have major difficulties in completing the practical.

I taught English to Year Three and Moral Education to Year Four. It was my first time teaching Moral Education as it is my second minor. Actually, I was quite nervous because I would be teaching non-Muslim pupils. No, I am  not being prejudiced or biased or anything in that scope. It was just because I have no direct encounters or exposures with non-Muslims except during PLKN five years ago and during that time too there was very little communications with them. I was very worried because I was bringing upon me the image of my religion and I hoped during the time I was teaching them, I had not scarred the image. 

This time, I did not tell my pupils that I was going to leave them. Only on the last day I taught them (on the 29th for Moral and 30th for English), I gave them presents and said, "Today's my last day!" Cool, wasn't it? Hehe I realised that during my first and second practicals, I begged told them how many months I would be teaching them. In class, I would tell them again and again to behave as I was going to leave them later which I felt, "That was not so professional of me!" Well, part of it was I was influenced by my partner too who decided not to tell her pupils about her leaving them. No, she did not ask me to do the same thing but I felt there was no need to tell the pupils about it. I have matured, maybe? :P

Of course, I got no presents but only letters written on the spot, which still made me happy.. Thank you, you being my pupils was good enough of a present.. :) Till we meet again.. Assalamualaikum ^^