Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Brother is a Married Guy (Part 3) : وليمة العرس الثاني / Wedding Feast 2

Assalamualaikum.. May ALLAH bless all Muslims..
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The second wedding feast for my brother was held on 24 December 2011.
The feast was great but I didn't enjoy it.
I feel quite disappointed because I invited my friends but only six of them managed to come to the walimah and I truly feel sad. At first, I was so excited to be the 'bunga telur' girl but as the clock ticking by, and I saw no other friends of mine coming to the feast, the excitement slowly dashed away. It's really true what our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us that we need to fulfil any invitation that we get. This feeling of sadness after seeing the people we invite do not come to the feast is unbearable, though I understand that they maybe got other important things to do.
I truly feel grateful to those six people. Thank you so much for coming.

I was also happy to see my teachers from  my secondary school (my mother is a teacher at the school) came to the wedding feast. I felt alive that I was able to kiss their hands and hug the closed ones. I miss them! :'(
One of my primary school teachers also came. I really love her. While eating roti canai, she chatted with me. I saw her teary eyes looking at me, with love. I felt touched. Not many teachers did that to me. She's like a mother.

I am sorry I couldn't tell much about the feast. As I said just now, I didn't enjoy the feast and I wasn't into it so I couldn't tell much... After the cameraman sends pictures to us, I will upload it here, insya-ALLAH. I think, pictures could tell better stories than I am.

Till we meet again..