Friday, 25 January 2013

A Parade :)

Assalamualaikum and may ALLAH bless all Muslims... 
Thanks for stopping by... :)

Hehe... First of all, I would like to apologise to all respected readers for me not being a prolific blogger. I am so sorry, deeply sorry. How I really wish to write consistently but I just can't... I am so sorry.

Okay, back to business... I am writing this during the wee hours, not because I cannot sleep - I am tired and I really want to sleep but I don't know, I just want to stay up a little bit...

All right, on the 24th January (yesterday), I went parading. Went to what? A procession, to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam (pbuh)... We were parading from Hang Tuah Stadium to Al-Azim mosque... Thank ALLAH, the weather was so great - it was cloudy and looked like it gonna rain but uh-uh, it was not, and it was not so warm either... ^^ 

This kind of programme is really good as it can unite all Muslims and we can show, demonstrate our love towards our Prophet Muhammad and perhaps attract non-Muslims to be interested in Islam... Aameen... ^^ While we were parading, you know, some of the tourists/spectators video-tapped us... [feeling famous for a while.. :)]

Of course, if there are good things, the bad things are also there. Those kind of things are not necessarily bad, but to me, I just feel it is not right. First of all, during the parade, there were ladies who, um, how should I say this, um, 'being more high-spirited' than the men... It is not wrong to be high-spirited but I don't think it was really necessary for a woman to use a microphone to say out loud the praises to Prophet Muhammad.. If it was a man, it was fine. I am not being a gender-biased here, I am just saying it is not proper for a woman to do that in front of her non-mahrams.   

Next, the cleanliness issue... It is not just during this occasion - in almost every occasion in Malaysia, the cleanliness is terrible. Our Prophet Muhammad taught us how the cleanliness is considered very important, the half part of the faith. But in celebrating his birthday, why don't we practise what he had taught us to do?

I think that's all for today... My eyes are getting smaller and smaller, till I could hardly see the letters on the keyboard... Till we meet again...
Assalamualaikum ^^

kell's note: The last time I went to a procession like this was when I was a National Service trainee, in 2010. 
How it brought back old memories... n_n