Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Missing School.. :')

Assalamualaikum... May ALLAH bless all Muslims.
Thanks for dropping by...

Today, I went to my former secondary school, SMK Agama Kedah...
I went together with my mum, at 6.50 am.. 
I just feel like going to school as a teacher, though I'm not one yet. :)
First, I went to Biology Lab, but Teacher Rofidah wasn't there 
so I went upstairs and met my mum in her room.
Then, I went to Guru Cemerlang (GC) Room and 
met Teacher Raja Samihat and my beloved English teacher, Teacher Shima.
We had a chat and she asked me to come with her to the canteen...
Well, because of shyness I might say, I just ordered a glass of warm Milo, with no sugar and milk. heheh :)
Teacher told me to have some food but there's no way I would let a teacher to pay for me... 
To have that glass of Milo was just good enough for me.. :)
At the canteen, I met more teachers.. 
It was actually a new experience for me, sitting and chatting with the teachers while they were eating.
Um, I don't know, I feel touched.. Feel like they treated me as a friend, not a student.. 
But of course there are still barriers, but um, how to put these in words, eh? 
I just don't know how to describe it. 
May I assume that you understand what I'm trying to deliver? Thanks..
At the canteen, I said to one of my Arabic language teacher, Ustazah Fudzla that I miss Arabic language.
I really mean it. I miss the language...
Then, Teacher Shima and I went back to her room. 
There, we had a long chat. 
Nothing much, but just a lil' bit story about my 'great' life in IPGM KPM and her story about some education matters... :)
After that, I went to Computer Lab and met some other teachers like Teacher Hendon, Teacher Rofidah, Cikgu Ruslah, Cikgu Intan, Teacher Rozita and Ustazah Bushro and we had some conversation. 
There, only I knew that the students are having their year-end examination.
All of a sudden, there were two young men came into the room. 
They are Syameer and Asyraf, my seniors. I'm not quite sure, but they are from IPGM too, taking Pengajian Agama option. 
When I was about to leave the lab, I saw Cikgu Sobri, my Add Maths teacher. 
My seniors were also there too. 
Okay, that's so embarrassing moment and please don't ask me why.
There were some words that came out from Cikgu Sobri's mouth that I wouldn't forget. 
He said, "Tahniah, Khalilah sebab kekal pakai tudung besar."
I could say nothing, but just nodding and smiling.
In my heart, I said to myself that I hope I will stay like this, to be istiqamah in wearing big hijab, though not "tudung labuh bulat." 
There were some other advice too, but I think it's quite a privacy to me, so I couldn't let you know...
Then, I went back upstairs to the teacher's room 
and met my beloved Malay language teachers, Cikgu Hasnah and Cikgu Zakinah 
and some other teachers.
My journey then ended where it began: GK's Room.. ^_^
I'm a little sad because my beloved Form 5 English teacher, Teacher L had moved to KL and my other beloved English teachers, Teacher Azrina and Teacher Norita weren't there for me to meet them.  :(

I miss school, though not much but yeah, missing is still missing.. :)
Being a school student, you really don't have to think much.
My advice: appreciate the school time because when it's gone, there is no way to do U-turn. :)
Insya-ALLAH, I'll visit school again next time.. hehe

Till we meet again.. Assalamualaikum..